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MoDOT to Close All But One Lane on Interstate 55 for 18 Days
ST. LOUIS, MO, (, July 8, 2018 - Drivers in Jefferson County need to prepare for delays on Interstate 55 starting next week when traffic is reduced to one lane in both directions for nine days at a time.

Crews will close one lane on northbound I-55 before Route 67 starting Friday, July 13 at 10 a.m. That means only one lane on northbound I-55 will be open. In addition, the northbound I-55 ramp to southbound Route 67 and the northbound Route 67 ramp to northbound I-55 will also be closed. The ramps and lanes will reopen by Monday, July 23 at 5 a.m.

Crews will then close one lane on southbound I-55 before Route 67 on Friday, July 27 at 8 p.m. Again, this means only one lane of traffic will be open on southbound I-55. The ramps from southbound I-55 to northbound Route 67 and from southbound Route 67 to southbound I-55 will also be closed. Those lanes and ramps will reopen by Monday, August 6 at 2 p.m.

Detour routes for the ramp closures are as follows:

  • Drivers wanting to use the northbound I-55 ramp to southbound Route 67 should take Route A to Route 67
  • Drivers wanting to use the northbound Route 67 ramp to northbound I-55 or the southbound I-55 ramp to northbound Route 67 can take Route A or McNutt to I-55
  • Drivers wanting to use the southbound Route 67 ramp to southbound I-55 can take Route 61 to I-55
Drivers should use both lanes leading up to the closure and then alternate merging in a zipper-like fashion into the open lane. Research shows that using both lanes and merging like a zipper can reduce congestion by as much as 40 percent. This is commonly referred to as a zipper merge.

These two around-the-clock, nine day lane closures are in place of the up to 10 weekends of lane closures that were scheduled to start soon.

The lane closures are part of the ongoing project to rehab 21 bridges along I-55 from Route Z near Pevely to Plattin Creek just south of Crystal City (approximately 8 miles). In addition, I-55 from Route Z to the Ste. Genevieve County line (approximately 16 miles) will be resurfaced and guardrail and sign improvements will be made. The work began in March 2017 and will run through late 2018.

East Terra Lane Closes for 45 Days Beginning Monday
ST. LOUIS, MO, (, June 17, 2018 - Drivers in St. Charles County should be aware that a section of Interstate 70 north outer road, also known as East Terra Lane, will close beginning on Monday, June 18 at 9 a.m.

The closure, which will last 45 days, will be between Route K and Hilltop Way. During the closure, crews will be working to turn the road into a one-way road. Drivers can detour around the closure by taking southbound Route K to Sonderen.

Drivers Can Expect Congestion in North St. Louis County on I-270 Near I-70 Through July
ST. LOUIS, MO, (, June 10, 2018 - Drivers who frequent I-270 near I-70 may want find alternate routes and/or give themselves extra time to travel through the area beginning with Monday's commute.

Starting Saturday, June 9, crews will restrict southbound I-270 from five to three narrowed lanes from I-70 to Dorsett. These lane closures/restrictions are expected to remain through July.

The posted speed limit will be 45 miles per hour. Motorists may experience up to 30-minute delays while driving through this area, especially during morning and evening rush hours. Drivers are encouraged to pay attention and give themselves plenty of time to travel through the work zone.

More Ramp Closures on I-70 and Lucas-Hunt Interchange
ST. LOUIS, MO, (, June 2, 2018 - Drivers who use the I-70 and Lucas-Hunt (Route U) Interchange in North St. Louis County will notice ramp closures and changes in traffic patterns on the interchange starting next week.

Starting at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, June 6, crews will close the northbound Lucas-Hunt ramp onto westbound I-70 permanently. Currently drivers access this ramp from the right lane. When the ramp closes, drivers on northbound Lucas-Hunt will be able to enter westbound I-70 from the left lane.

In addition, starting at 7 p.m. on Monday, June 11 crews will close the westbound I-70 exit ramp to Lucas-Hunt. The ramp will remain closed around-the-clock for 7 weeks.

Suggested detour for drivers on westbound I-70 is to take Florissant Road to I-70 east and exit at Lucas-Hunt. Detour signs will be in place.

This is the second phase of a larger project that will provide enhancements to all of the ramps on the interchange. When the project is complete, the ramps will provide safer entrances and exits to and from I-70 at Lucas-Hunt.

Motorists are encouraged to give themselves extra time, slow down and pay attention while driving through these construction areas. For more information about work zones throughout the St. Louis district, please visit

Many Work Zones Impact Travel Within St. Louis Region
ST. LOUIS, MO, (, March 4, 2018 - Warm weather may currently not be an everyday event yet in the St. Louis, but MoDOT construction teams and contractors are already starting to prepare for roadway construction this year.

Some of the anticipated work will start as early as the first few weeks of March, so MoDOT is sharing information on the projects within the greater St. Louis area that will have significant impacts on daily travel. These projects will have lane closures, often around the clock, and may have narrowed and shifted lanes.

"We have several projects along the I-44 corridor - from the Mississippi River all the way out to the Crawford County line. Two of them - the bridge replacement near Shrewsbury and the bridge work between Kingshighway and 39th Street in St. Louis City - will have a very large impact on travel into and through the St. Louis City area. We encourage drivers that regularly use that section of I-44 to start looking at some of their other options now. For some, adjusting the time of their commute may be an option, or talking to their company about telecommuting options. Others may want to consider alternate routes to get around the construction. For others, using ride-sharing, carpooling or transit options may be the best choice. We are sharing this information now so motorists know where the most impacts to traffic are expected so they can be prepared and consider what option works best for them as early as possible," said MoDOT Assistant District Engineer Bill Schnell.

"We have several avenues where drivers can get information about upcoming lane closures and impact in the St. Louis area. We put out a work zone report every Wednesday afternoon detailing work for the next week. We also share information on social media - namely Twitter and Facebook. People can sign up for the e-update lists of our larger projects - such as the Poplar Street Bridge and I-44 work at Shrewsbury. Finally, people can check out information on our Traveler Information Map:," said Schnell.

MoDOT projects expected to have the biggest traffic impact to motorists in and around the St. Louis region this year are:

(Note: projects are listed by interstate and not by the overall potential impact. Projects that have projected around-the-clock lane closures are marked with an asterisk (*).)

Interstate 44
* I-44 bridge improvements between Kingshighway and 39th Street. (St. Louis City) It includes rehabilitating the Union Pacific Railroad, Vandeventer and Tower Grove bridges and replacing the Kingshighway, Thurman and 39th Street bridges. During this project, crews will also replace the pedestrian bridge over the interstate between the Edwards overpass and Kingshighway. One I-44 lane in both directions will be closed around the clock, and several ramps and cross streets will be impacted during the work. The project starts in early 2018 and will be completed in late 2019.

* I-44 bridge and pavement rehabilitation between Murdoch and the River Des Peres. (St. Louis County) This project replaces the eastbound bridge over the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad. During construction, the ramp from Shrewsbury to eastbound I-44 will be closed in early spring 2018. Drivers will have shifted lanes - three eastbound and two westbound - during the project. The project has begun. The bridge project will be completed in late 2018, while final resurfacing will be complete in late spring 2019.

I-44 pavement repairs and resurfacing from east of Murdoch Avenue to Route 141. (St. Louis County)Work will be complete by the end of 2018.

* I-44 Meramec River Bridge replacement. (St. Louis County)This project replaces the eastbound and westbound I-44 bridges just west of I-270 over the Meramec. Replaces the bridges on the ramps between I-44 and eastbound and westbound Watson Road. Work starts on the westbound I-44 bridge in late 2018. Drivers can expect lane and ramp closures and shifted traffic lanes by fall 2018. The project continues through 2021.

I-44 bridge replacement between Route 100 and Route 50. (Franklin County) Replace the eastbound I-44 bridge over Route 50 in Franklin County. Crews will start work in March by building out the median and shifting traffic. Lanes will be narrowed but one lane will be open at all times. Most lane closures will be during off-peak hours. There will likely need to be a full closure at some point to set girders and demo the old bridge. In addition, crews will replace the bridge for St. Mary's Road over I-44 this summer. Drivers can expect off-peak lane closures and some overnight closures for demolition and to set girders.

I-44 pavement improvements between Route 30 and the Crawford County line. (Franklin County) One lane closed during off-peak times. Work starts this summer and ends in the fall of 2019.

Interstate 55
I-55 from Route A to the Ste. Genevieve County line. (Jefferson County) Rehabilitation of 21 bridges over northbound and southbound I-55, as well as pavement and guardrail improvements on I-55. The work will continue through 2018. There will be overnight and weekend lane closures for much of the year as crews work to rehab the bridges. No full closures are expected. The zipper merge is encouraged on this project.

Interstate 64
* I-64 Poplar Street Bridge widening. (St. Louis City) This project adds an eastbound lane to the Poplar Street Bridge, adds a second lane to the NB I-55 ramp, and extends the 6th Street ramp into Illinois. Work will also overlay the eastbound lanes and repaint the bridge. Work has begun and should be complete in spring 2019.

I-64 Resurfacing and ramp work between Sarah and the Poplar Street Bridge. (St. Louis City) This project removes and replaces the driving surface between Sarah and 21st Street. It also includes resurfacing on the ramps at Market, Forest Park and Grand. Another project in the area renovates several ramps on I-64. Work includes the westbound exit ramp at 9th Street; the westbound entrance ramps at Broadway, 10th Street and 14th Street; and the eastbound exit ramps at 6th Street, 11th Street and 14th Street. The work will require ramp closures and traffic will be detoured during ramp closures. Work begins in spring 2018 and will be complete by the fall.

I-64 interchange updates at I-70/Route 61. (St. Charles County) This project makes pavement and bridge improvements at the interchange. Drivers can expect off-peak lane closures. Work runs from spring to fall 2018.

Interstate 70
I-70 Pavement improvements from Springdale Ave. to Union Blvd. (city limits). (St. Louis County)This is a 2-year project that will include nightly lane closures.

I-70 relocation of interchange ramps at Route U (Lucas-Hunt). (St. Louis County)This project will be completed in the summer and will include full ramp closures in the interchange.

I-70 from Woodlawn to TR Hughes. (St. Charles County) Interchange, outer road and sidewalk improvements. Off-peak lane closures on the interstate but could be some around-the-clock closures on arterials. Starts spring and ends summer 2019.

Interstate 270
I-270 at I-70 and Route 180. (St. Louis County)Pavement repairs on the ramps at the I-70/I-270/Route 180 interchange. This project will begin this fall and will include some full weekend ramp closures.

* I-270 bridge rehabilitation between Dorsett and I-70. (St. Louis County)This project will include up to two lanes closed in each direction and will last all summer.

I-270 pavement repairs and resurfacing between Route 100 and I-55. (St. Louis County)Work will be complete by the end of 2018.

Route 47 Missouri River Bridge. (Franklin County) The project began in late summer 2016 and will be completed in late 2018, with the old bridge demolished in 2019. Off-peak lane closures will continue during this work. Route 340 improvements from Chesterfield Parkway East /West to south of I-64. (St. Louis County) Extend the southbound auxiliary lane between the I-64 eastbound and westbound ramps. Extend the northbound left turn lane to westbound I-64 further to the south. Adds turn lanes at Chesterfield Parkway East and West and replaces the signals at those intersections. Adds a right turn lane on the westbound I-64 ramp to Route 340. Will be complete in late 2018.

"All of this work is to continue to maintain the existing system of roadways to ensure people in Missouri have a safe and operational transportation network. We understand the impacts that this roadwork can cause, and we minimize those impacts as much as we can by working during non-peak traffic hours, overnight and on weekends. In some cases, the type of work requires around-the-clock lane closures. That's why we share this information early and encourage people to look for alternate options through the construction season," said Schnell.

Gateway Guide Offers Live Views of St. Louis Traffic
ST. LOUIS, MO, ( - Does your daily commute catch you by surprise? Is it smooth sailing or are there crashes and other incidents on your path home that will cause you delays? Check out MoDOT's new and improved website for live traffic information and alerts before you leave for work or home.

MoDOT's new website shows nearly 300 live camera views updating every couple of seconds, displays real-time information on incidents and work zones with lane closures and is mobile friendly for your smart phone or other cellular device.

"You can sign up for personalized My STL Traffic alerts specific to the highway you use at the times you need it each day," said MoDOT Assistant District Engineer Tom Blair. "These alerts can be sent to you by text or email to the device you choose and will inform you of crashes or other lane closures. Our goal is to keep traffic moving. The better informed you are of current road conditions, the better choices you can make for a quick, safe trip."

The new website provides a tour of camera views from one end of an interstate to the other. It also shows a live Twitter feed from MoDOT's @StLouisTraffic. Check out the new website at

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