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Missouri Launches Statewide Prescription Drug Monitoring Program
ST. LOUIS, MO, (, July 23, 2017 - Governor Eric Greitens has signed an executive order directing the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services to begin work creating a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program. Through partnerships with private sector leaders, the state will be able to monitor prescribers and dispensers to find and eliminate bad actors in the system.

"We need to be honest and clear about the scale of what we are up against: Opioids are a modern plague," said Governor Greitens. "Like the plague, opioids kill the young, the old, the healthy, the sick, the virtuous and the sinful. There's not a corner of our state that hasn't been visited by this curse. There is no single program, or law, or executive order that can fix this crisis. This program is a step-and it's a big step. Throughout this week, we will outline the other steps we will take to address the opioid crisis. The only thing we won't do is wait. We won't wait for this problem to get worse. That's not an option."

More details about the Governor's actions to combat the opioid crisis will be available throughout the week. That schedule is below. This executive order has garnered praise from national leaders.

"I'm glad to see Missouri is launching its statewide prescription drug monitoring program," Richard Baum, Acting Director of National Drug Control Policy, said. "In the context of both the ongoing opioid epidemic and the health of Missourians, it's vital to have safeguards in place to make sure that doctors aren't overprescribing opioids that can be misused and patients aren't doctor-shopping for multiple prescriptions that could be misused or diverted."

This Prescription Drug Monitoring Program will utilize de-identified data from private sector partners to specifically target "pill mills" that pump out prescription drugs at dangerous and unlawful levels. It will also enable the Department of Health and Senior Services to better inform doctors, nurses, pharmacists, other healthcare providers, and patients and their families about best practices in pain management to decrease over prescriptions of opioids.

Governor Greitens Takes Action to Address Opioid Epidemic
ST. LOUIS, MO, (, July 16, 2017 - Governor Eric Greitens has signed SB 501, a bill to provide tools to fight opioid addiction.

SB 501 gives approval for the Director of the Department of Health and Senior Services to issue an order making life-saving medication to reverse the fatal effects of opioid overdoses available across the state. It provides patients in drug courts and veterans courts the option to receive medication-assisted substance abuse treatment under the care of a physician, without violating the conditions of their program.

It also allows anyone who, in good faith, seeks emergency assistance in the case of a drug overdose to do so without threat of prosecution related to possession. There would be no protection from prosecution for the sale of illegal drugs. Responding officers will provide the caller with information on drug treatment programs.

"The opioid crisis in Missouri has taken the lives of hundreds of mothers, fathers, and children. It strikes in our cities and our rural communities. It destroys relationships and drives crime. We must take bold action to address it. I am proud to sign this legislation today. It is a critical step in this mission. Next week, as a state, we will take further action to combat the opioid epidemic," said Governor Eric Greitens in a release.

Missouri Citizens Get Help to Cut Government Red Tape
ST. LOUIS, MO, (, July 16, 2017 - A new website,, will provide help for Missourians to submit recommendations for action to cut government red tape.

In a statement first posted to his Facebook page, the Governor Eric Greitens said:

"Earlier this year, a small business owner from Bolivar commented on our Facebook page. He told us about a crazy Missouri regulation that required his business to have a landline phone. It cost him $1,500 a year.

A small business shouldn't be forced by the government to pay for outdated technology. And you shouldn't need a well-connected lobbyist to tell your elected leaders when the government is hurting you. That's why, based on his suggestion on Facebook, we directed the Department of Revenue to kill the requirement the very next day. No lobbyists. No nonsense. Action.

We're taking aim at burdensome regulations. And we're listening to the people again.

Government red tape is out of control. It kills jobs and hurts working families. For too long, the burden of red tape has just gotten heavier. Politicians make government bigger and families have to deal with the consequences.

Missouri has more than 113,000 regulatory requirements. Our state's regulations have more than 7.5 million words. That is more than 40 dictionaries' worth of red tape.

Things are changing. We have assembled a team to aggressively cut red tape. Their mission: eliminate unnecessary regulations throughout government.

And they're doing it by listening to you. We welcome you to work with us. We are launching a website,, to make it easy for you to let us know where government is getting in the way.

You elected me as a conservative and an outsider to fight for you, and that's exactly what we're doing. This is your government. We're taking action to make it smaller and to make it work better."

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