Missouri History Museum photo by Bob Moore

Rediscovering the 'Mighty Mississippi' at Missouri History Museum

The "Mighty Mississippi" exhibit, on display at the Missouri History Museum through April 2021, puts the grandeur of North America's greatest river in context with the cultures that have grown and thrived around it

Visitors entering the 6,000 sq ft special exhibit are met with a huge video screen and up close views from river boats to flooding events. The exhibit features more than 200 artifacts, many dating back over 1,000 years. The large exhibit space is strategically broken up into 4 sections into allow amble opportunity to discover the regional heritage of the Middle Mississippi watershed as revealed through a diverse range of stories and artifacts that stem from the Mother of Rivers and its tributaries.

Detailed panels and audio describe the Mississippi River's impact from the largest and most influential American Indian centers of the Mississippian cultural period, the first civilization to rise on the great river more than a thousand years ago; to the vast European and Indian fur trade networks that forever changed the continent; to slavery and the Civil War; to the revolutionary steamboats, factories, and immigration of the Industrial Age.

The Missouri Historical Society houses and cares for one of the largest collections of intact Mississippian artifacts in the country. The exhibit features the largest display of Mississippian artifacts shown at the Missouri History Museum in three decades.

History: The Missouri Historical Society was established in 1866 to rescue "from oblivion the early history of the city and the state." In 1913, it moved into the newly constructed Jefferson Memorial Building. The Memorial Building stands on the site of the main entrance to the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, more commonly known as the 1904 World's Fair. It was built with the proceeds of the Fair in memory of Thomas Jefferson.

The Emerson Center, a 92,000-square-foot addition, provides the public with 24,000 square feet of additional exhibition space in four galleries, the Lee Auditorium with 347 seats, the Café St. Louis overlooking Forest Park, four fully equipped classrooms and a resource center, and the expansive Louisiana Purchase gift shop.

Directions: The Missouri History Museum is located at 5700 Lindell Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63112. For more information, call 314-746-4599. (The Missouri History Museum in Forest Park and the MHS Library & Research Center on Skinker Blvd are scheduled to open Saturday, June 20, 2020. All visitors will need advanced tickets, which will be available via mohistory.org)

MIghty Mississippi Exhibit photo by Betty Moore

Displays feature more than 200 artifacts at the Mighty Mississippi Exhibit at Missouri History Museum.

Mighty Mississippi Exhibit photo by Betty Moore

This display provides detailed information on the building of the Eads Bridge in 1874, a model of a section of the bridge and a portrait of James Eads.

Mighty Mississippi exhibit photo by Betty Moore

"Cahokia: The Departure of the Traders from Cahokia, 1150 AD" by artist Gary R. Lucy, Washington, MO, portrays life in largest and most influential American Indian centers of the Mississippian cultural period.

LIndbergh Plane photo by Betty Moore

A life-size replica of the Lindbergh Plane hangs in the lobby of the Missouri History Museum.

Thomas Jefferson Statue photo by Betty Moore

The nine foot tall marble statue of Thomas Jefferson, designed by Karl Bitter, sits in the lobby of the Missouri History Museum.

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