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All text and images published in the Saint Louis Front Page World Wide Web documents are for viewing only. Neither text or images published within Saint Louis Front Page are for use in the public domain. Individual images may not be linked to other web pages. Any commercial or non commercial use or publication is strictly prohibited. Copying, redistribution, or exploitation for personal or corporate gain is not permitted.

For many years, the St. Louis Front Page has used photography to illustrate the beautiful attractions within the St. Louis metro area. However, it has come to our attention that many people on the Internet are disregarding the copyright protection of our images (photographs). Due to this abuse, we are forced to take drastic measures to insure the integrity of the copyright and to protect the authorship of the images.

Henceforth, we will display a large copyright mark over all static photographs of historic subjects or picturesque landscapes as seen in the St. Louis Front Page and its affiliate web sites.

As much as it pains us to obscure the view of such beautiful images, it is the only way that we can protect our photos from being unlawfully taken. And, just like Michael Angelo declared his creation of the "Pieta", the only way that you can let people know that you are the creator of the artwork, is to put your signature on the artwork.

It is time people realize that just because an image, photograph, or illustration is on the Internet, it doesn't mean that the image, photograph, or illustration is free for anyone to use as their own by linking, copying or manipulating the image, photograph, or illustration.

Professional photography is an art. Whoever creates the photograph or piece of art, owns it by right of creation. We must learn to abide by the rules of ethics and respect the property of others or this whole virtual world will crumble.

Bob Moore

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